Translation of unusual in Spanish:


poco corriente, adj.

Pronunciation /??n?ju?(u)?l/ /?n?ju????l/


  • 1

    (illness/opinion/sight) poco corriente
    (illness/opinion/sight) poco común
    (illness/opinion/sight) fuera de lo común
    (illness/opinion/sight) inusual
    he spoke with unusual frankness habló con inusitada / insólita franqueza
    • she left early — that's unusual for her se fue temprano — eso es raro en ella
    • did you notice anything unusual about him? ?le notaste algo raro / fuera de lo normal?
    • what's so unusual about that? ?qué tiene de raro eso?
    • it's unusual for him to be still in bed es raro que todavía no se haya levantado
    • it's unusual that she should seek our advice es raro que venga a pedirnos consejo
    • It might sound arrogant to those of a secular persuasion but it is not unusual.
    • It is not unusual for places to be catapulted to stardom thanks to the medium of TV or cinema.
    • Clearly, this is a river bank and it is not unusual to see rats on a river bank.
    • It is not unusual for him to misunderstand a question and give an answer bearing no relation to it.
    • It was not unusual for highly intelligent men to be attracted to cults or sects, she said.
    • It is not unusual for a trainer to bring a horse to a course, then find that the ground is unsuitable.
    • It is not unusual to see smokers dragging on cigarettes between mouthfuls at meals.
    • The court heard that it was not unusual for him to go out and drink 20 pints in an evening.
    • It is also classic eagle country, and it is not unusual to spot one or two soaring overhead.
    • It is not unusual for me to spend about a quarter of the year away from home.
    • The fears prompted them to take the unusual step of releasing his details and picture.
    • He took the unusual step of urging Americans not to buy petrol if they don't have to.
    • Today they took the unusual step of releasing a photograph in an effort to trace him.
    • The Alliance has taken the unusual step of warning its members to hold their fire.
    • He is a captain so it maybe a little unusual but more common than what you think.
    • These range from the common such as rib fractures to the more unusual such as pneumoscrotum.
    • He tried not to isolate and figure out what the unusual stench emanating from the earpiece was.
    • So falls are not unusual although falls of this sort of magnitude are relatively rare.
    • Theft is nothing unusual at the shop, which suffers shoplifting on a daily basis.
    • It was indeed a very unusual thing to see such a large assembly of people in Westhoughton at so early an hour.