Translation of peaky in Spanish:


Pronunciation /?piki/ /?pi?ki/

adjective peakier, peakiest

  • 1

    • She was already starting to look peaky and pale.
    • I won't go into the gory details about what's been making me peaky.
    • I was feeling a bit peaky tonight, and I crept off to bed early, and dropped off, despite the soundtrack burbling away in the background.
    • Some of the lads were beginning to look distinctly peaky.
    • The smokers, faced with the climb down from, and more importantly back up to, the third floor for a ciggy are now looking a bit peaky.
    • She's been peaky for a couple of days now after working far too hard.
    • I must say that he's looking a bit peaky after the drubbing he's had over his law partnership.
    • I've never seen a make up lady on the verge of tears before but my puffed out peaky face was a challenge too far.
    • It's as though your mum thinks you look a bit peaky and wants to build you up.
    • Then he had the gall to say, ‘Look, if he's very old and is looking a bit peaky don't put a correction in for a couple of days.
    • There he is on the cover, looking a bit peaky, naturally.
    • I've had better ideas than going out after drinks, on an empty stomach, when feeling a mite peaky to see a free film.
    • But she was feeling a little peaky during lunch and I convinced her to let me stay home in the afternoon.
    • Their client was lean and tall, with the peaky face of an adolescent who was still growing.