Meaning of xerophilous in English:


Pronunciation /z??r?f?l?s/


Botany Zoology
  • (of a plant or animal) adapted to a very dry climate or habitat, or to conditions where moisture is scarce.

    ‘The concentration of the highest estimates of genetic variation in northwestern Venezuela suggests a potential reservoir of plant genetic diversity within xerophilous ecosystems in northern South America.’
    • ‘Mexico's xerophilous thickets and semi-desert pastures are located in arid and semi-arid areas that account for half of our national territory.’
    • ‘While some xerophilous grasshoppers became scarce within the shelterbelt system, others, e.g. Calliptamus italicus, increased in importance.’
    • ‘Everywhere one feels the influence of the Mediterranean and particularly on the specific xerophilous flora and fauna of the region.’
    • ‘Sand dunes and higher river terraces were still preserved at that time and supported xerophilous vegetation.’