Meaning of xerographically in English:



See xerography

‘Page 23 features a border of xerographically magnified neo-crosshatchings that suggest hills, paths and tree cover.’
  • ‘Copying and distributing the material in any form (photographically, xerographically, or electronically) as resource or reference material for fee-paying students needs permission of the author, who may request a fee.’
  • ‘There is a nice painting of a Roman court on the front… The book was printed ‘xerographically.’’
  • ‘Our Quick Copy department stands at the ready to xerographically reproduce your copy job in black and white or color.’
  • ‘The ‘listing card’ was xerographically copied onto the back of the punch card.’
  • ‘These books are typeset in TeX. reproduced xerographically, and bound in a high-quality paper cover.’



/z??r??ɡraf?k(?)li/ /z?r??ɡraf?k(?)li/