Meaning of whiny in English:


(also whiney)

adjectivewhinier, whiniest

  • 1Having a drawn-out, high-pitched, unpleasant sound.

    ‘he speaks in a whiny, childish voice’
    ‘my PC suddenly emits this horrible whiny noise’
    ‘a nasal, whiny singer’
    • ‘The problem might be the whiny, nasally voice.’
    • ‘The first clue that this isn't your average Disney film comes courtesy of the score, which features more dancing lutes than whiny violins.’
    • ‘She imitates his voice as a whiny, indecisive drawl.’
    • ‘His whiny whimper and open-mouthed silent scream are priceless.’
    • ‘Each time a whiny pop tune unceremoniously and semi-incongruously intrudes upon the soundtrack, we passively accept the meretriciously commercial reasons for the tune's existence.’
    1. 1.1Having a complaining tone.
      ‘without wanting to sound whiny, it's quite hard work’
      • ‘Do you believe that parents should do what they think best and ignore whiny complaints from adolescent girls?’
      • ‘If you're looking for a record from whiny white kids lamenting the complete hopelessness of ever finding another significant other, please look elsewhere.’
      • ‘For kids who grew up in the '90s, metal music means whiny frat boys half-rapping over oafish power chord dross.’
      • ‘On their debut, he sounded whiny as often as he sounded heroic.’
      • ‘There are too many tracks which feel tired and whiny, while not enough goes on to suggest that the band is not on auto-pilot.’