Meaning of vege in English:


Pronunciation /?v?d?i/


informal mainly New Zealand
  • A vegetable.

    • ‘fresh summer veges are now in plentiful supply’
    • ‘this money is earmarked for the vege garden’
    • ‘Fruit and vegetables are dirt cheap now thanks to local fruit and vege shops.’
    • ‘More water can be added for a spicy lentil and vege soup and if you need to feed a whole lot of people.’
    • ‘I won't even go into the weeping tomatoes I found squashed in the bottom of the vege drawer.’
    • ‘When I was younger, cabbage is the only vege I eat.’
    • ‘I was much tempted by a vege samosa.’
    • ‘I could smell daphne buds opening over a garden fence opposite the fruit and vege market.’
    • ‘Love tea in the mornings, the smell of babies, vintage clothing, op shopping, lilies, growing our own veges.’
    • ‘Any meat, veges, fruit or bakery items received are fresh fresh fresh!’
    • ‘Australia have always had fruit and veges free of GST.’
    • ‘I ate a little around it, and thought that maybe I'll just cope with the veges and forget about the steak.’


1940s an abbreviation.