Meaning of stay-at-home in English:


Pronunciation /?ste??t(h)??m/

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  • 1Denoting a parent who is engaged in the full-time care of their child or children and is not employed outside the home.

    ‘I know lots of working mums and lots of stay-at-home mums’
    • ‘he was primarily raised by his stay-at-home father’
    1. 1.1Preferring to be at home rather than to travel or socialize.
      • ‘a quiet stay-at-home guy’
  • 2Denoting a government directive requiring people to remain at home and only go outside for certain types of essential work or tasks, especially in order to inhibit the spread of an infectious disease.

    ‘to contain the disease, countries were forced to institute measures including stay-at-home orders and border closings’
    • ‘those caught breaching social distancing and stay-at-home measures face on-the-spot fines’


  • A person who prefers to be at home.

    • ‘her son was a real stay-at-home’
    domestic, stay-at-home, home-loving, housewifely