Meaning of shutdown in English:


Pronunciation /???tda?n/

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  • 1A closure of a factory or system, typically a temporary closure due to a fault or for maintenance.

    ‘engines should be allowed to cool down between a shutdown and the next start’
    • ‘the build-up was pushing the reactor towards shutdown’
    • ‘Planned temporary shutdowns of Ford assembly plants in August will affect close to 8,000 workers.’
    • ‘I've blogged before about how rural areas can sustain economic growth in the wake of factory shutdowns.’
    • ‘With a two-week shutdown of the factory due to start on Monday, it is thought workers will use the time to figure out what course of action to take.’
    • ‘Yet cuts including ward closures, the shutdown of operating theatres and recruitment freezes are still happening across the region.’
    • ‘The Confederation of British Industry said dwindling gas reserves could lead to factory shutdowns and power cuts.’
    • ‘He predicts that a pandemic would cause widespread shutdowns of factories, transportation and other essential industries.’
    • ‘I wonder if this sad situation would have been averted if not for all the closures and shutdowns of treatment facilities?’
    • ‘It is feared that dwindling gas stocks could lead to factory shutdowns and a return to the three-day week.’
    • ‘If the panic gets worse there is a danger of factory shutdowns and worker absenteeism.’
    • ‘Other plants are scheduled for temporary shutdowns, including the truck assembly plant in Janesville, Wisconsin.’
    • ‘US auto companies announced hefty profit losses and temporary plant shutdowns this week.’
    • ‘He has renovated houses, plus worked on shutdowns at big factory and energy projects.’
    • ‘It would now become common practice for the plant from now on to undertake an annual shutdown for maintenance.’
    • ‘I wonder what would be more costly, several one-day terminal shutdowns, or the cleanup from a low-tech radioactive dirty bomb shoved into an unsecured container somewhere along the way?’
    • ‘The Post Office announced in April that five sub post offices in the area could close as part of its national programme of urban shutdowns.’
    • ‘The breakdown was caused by the automatic shutdown of an overheated transformer.’
    • ‘Excluding blackout-related shutdowns at auto plants, factory output has risen for four months in a row.’
    • ‘Therefore, any beneficial effect of reactor shutdowns may apply only to the closest downwind counties.’
    • ‘Production at the refinery ceased on September 25, when the routine maintenance shutdown began.’
    closing down, shutting down, shutdown, winding up
    1. 1.1A turning off of a computer or computer system.
      ‘It was unable to book crew flight assignments because of the computer shutdown.’
      • ‘Owen shutdown his computer and took his tea to the couch in the living room.’
      • ‘Similarly, customers will be able to move chunks of data between different arrays easier than before and with no system shutdowns.’
      • ‘A Brentwood health club is spearheading a campaign to encourage children to shutdown their computers and get fit.’
      • ‘And you can keep a big pile of research material open all of the time, for weeks or months if you like, through crashes and shutdowns.’
      • ‘In that case, the process that is taking so long is the filesystem checking process due to an improper shutdown.’
      • ‘When the port is closed for the last time you can do the proper hardware shutdown and free any allocated memory.’