Meaning of qualy in English:


(also qualie, qually)

Pronunciation /?kw?li/


  • 1informal mass noun The qualifying stage of a sporting event, especially in motorsports; qualification.

    • ‘I didn't get a very good lap in qualy and this made it very difficult for me in the race’
    • ‘We are more confident for the race than for qualy.’
    • ‘He was in my way a lot of times in practice and once in qualy.’
    • ‘My first lap in qualy was pretty reasonable.’
    • ‘Yesterday in qualy and today in the race we had bad luck.’
    • ‘Apart from the mistake in qualy, I felt right on top of things from the start.’
    • ‘The conditions were pretty much as we expect them to be for qualy.’
    • ‘We made changes that were perhaps not spectacular for qualy but which should hopefully be good for the race.’
    • ‘I watched his interview this afternoon on NBC after qualy.’
    • ‘He believes it was yet another electrical problem that put him out of qualy in Bahrain.’
    • ‘Qualy is very important because if you put the car in the top five the weekend changes completely.’
    1. 1.1qualiesTennis The qualifying rounds of a tournament.
      • ‘he made it into qualies on the strength of his singles ranking’
      • ‘Last year I came here and thought I would get in, but I didn't even get into qualies.’
      • ‘A month ago I was playing to make the cut for the qualies at the US Open.’
      • ‘In the final round qualies, I played what was probably the biggest ‘grind’ match of my life.’
      • ‘Going into my second round qualies, I felt confident.’
      • ‘Everybody has done a good job pronouncing my name, even in the match yesterday and even in the qualies.’
      • ‘I was really disappointed with my loss in qualies.’
      • ‘I told my coach, I have to play great on grass to make the cut for the qualies.’
      • ‘She's heading to U.S. Open qualies in a good frame of mind.’
      • ‘Once I got into qualies, I almost lost my first match, but I got better and better from there.’
      • ‘I had a couple good matches in qualies and it got me ready.’


1950s (originally with reference to a qualifying examination for Scottish secondary schools): abbreviation.