Meaning of pro-democracy in English:



  • Denoting or relating to political activism directed towards the establishment of democratic government in a country.

    ‘the pro-democracy movement’
    • ‘In a forthcoming book, a former Chinese leader tells of the crackdown on the pro-democracy protests of 20 years ago.’
    • ‘The military government in Myanmar speaks out about pro democracy protests.’
    • ‘The United Nations Security Council is now facing increased pressure to condemn the military regime for its bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protests.’
    • ‘Television stations in Japan have shown footage of the moment a video journalist was shot dead during the wave of pro-democracy protests sweeping Burma.’
    • ‘A letter threatening campaign violence has been sent to a moderate pro-democracy legislator.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of people continue their pro-democracy protests.’
    • ‘In 1989, the Chinese military cracked down on student-led pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.’
    • ‘Upon his return in 1985, Kim supported a nationwide pro-democracy movement, which toppled the military government.’
    • ‘He said the provision would exclude many pro-democracy individuals who had been imprisoned for their beliefs.’
    • ‘The author, a student leader during the 1989 pro-democracy movement, spent seven years in prison in China.’
    • ‘Police also detained about 75 prodemocracy activists, including several journalists, who defied a ban on rallies in the capital, Kathmandu.’
    • ‘An underground pro-democracy movement in Vietnam calling itself Viet Tan claims to have thousands of members.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the pro-democracy National League for Democracy (NLD) held a low-key Union Day ceremony with about 100 members at its headquarters.’
    • ‘Burmese pro-democracy activists who have fled across the Thai border fear death at the hands of assassins sent to track them down.’
    • ‘It shows the body of a Buddhist monk found Sunday in a stream not far from where the pro democracy protests have taken place.’
    • ‘The case generated street protests that coalesced into a prodemocracy movement.’
    • ‘The past few weeks in this tiny Himalayan kingdom have been marked by dozens of pro-democracy rallies.’
    • ‘He said the party would also look at widening its co-operation with other pro-democracy groups.’
    • ‘Havana is demanding the U.S. mission take down a Christmas display that includes a reference to 75 imprisoned pro-democracy activists.’
    • ‘There are very few non-democratic countries left that do not have a vigorous pro-democracy movement.’