Meaning of Mormonism in English:


Pronunciation /?m??m?n?z(?)m/

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mass noun
  • The religious beliefs and practices of Mormons.

    ‘The first Icelandic settlers in North America arrived in Utah in 1855 seeking religious freedom to follow Mormonism.’
    • ‘They insisted that they were devoid of any religious prejudice in their opposition to Mormonism.’
    • ‘Mormonism became a major missionary force, with about two-thirds of the denomination's adherents in the 1990s located overseas.’
    • ‘Heywood lived in Quincy for a time before converting to Mormonism in 1842.’
    • ‘One of the signature traits of Mormonism has always been the induction of all male members of good standing into a multi-tiered priesthood.’
    • ‘She confessed that, from the very beginning, she'd secretly hoped to convert me to Mormonism and marry me.’
    • ‘Mormonism also brings spiritual peace and meaning to the lives of many, who say their lives would be meaningless without Mormonism.’
    • ‘Steve is a good example of someone who lost his faith in Mormonism and then had to face his orthodox family and tell them he no longer believed.’
    • ‘However, it is safe to assume that the Book of Mormon will to a large degree determine the future directions of Mormonism.’
    • ‘So, Mormonism teaches that we all pre-existed in the spirit realm having been produced from the union of god and his goddess wife.’