Meaning of human rights group in English:

human rights group


  • An organization engaged in social or political campaigns against the violation of human rights.

    ‘human rights groups have sought to improve prison conditions worldwide’
    • ‘The security services were believed by human rights groups to be largely responsible.’
    • ‘Human rights groups have been alarmed because the camps provide weapons training.’
    • ‘After suffering a wave of accusations by human rights groups about its use of cheap labour in factories in South East Asia, the company immediately revised its code of ethics.’
    • ‘It allows random factory inspections by a monitoring outfit it founded with human rights groups and other big companies that use overseas contractors.’
    • ‘Human rights groups say they have been known to taint evidence, including planting weapons.’
    • ‘Human rights groups believe any potential solution must allow for accountability.’
    • ‘A human rights group has called on computer and Internet companies to use their influence to bring about reform.’
    • ‘Various feminist and human rights groups are active in promoting legal change in areas of discrimination against women.’
    • ‘The fighting there has led to allegations by the human rights group Amnesty International of atrocities on both sides.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court of Appeal cut his jail term following pressure from the international community, including Governments and human rights groups.’